High Risk ACH/Check Processing

Imagine how smoothly your company would run if you never had to bother your customers about overdue invoices. If you never had to worry about a delinquent payment. If you never had to hear "the check is in the mail" ever again.

That's the beauty of our payment processing service. Through ACH processing, you can automatically debit your customers' bank accounts electronically. This means you don't have to worry about late payments or delinquent clients - you simply get paid, on time, for the products and services you provide.

Our payment processing offers your company a full suite of benefits

  • You get paid sooner
  • Choose a payment plan that's right for you
  • We offer the highest level of security to protect the integrity of your data and financial transfers
  • Easy-to-use interface with lots of functionality and scalability
  • Recurring payments can be scheduled in advance

Why Companies Use ACH Payment Processing

  • Convenient payments increase customer retention
  • Automatic payments eliminate the cost of collection efforts
  • Customers know they will not have to worry about making late payments
  • Accepting payments by phone, fax and online gives customers more options

Remotely Created Checks

A remotely created check (RCC) (also known as a demand draft, telecheck, preauthorized draft, paper draft, or digital check) is a check that is drawn on a customer account at a financial institution, is created by the payee, and does not bear a signature in the format agreed to by the paying financial institution and customer.

This form of accepting payments is normally defined as super high risk for payment processors. We specialize in assisting businesses set up these payment systems, minimize their risks, and maximize their profits.