Gas Station Loans

Operating a gas station requires consistent cash flow. With the constant fluctuations in gas prices, the profit margins can change from day to day. Most banks and other conventional lending sources often turn down loan requests for gas station financing. Lenders don't want the potential environmental issues associated with gas stations. This can be problematic for gas station owners looking to expand or maintain their business.

First Working Capital’s Gas Station Loan Program was developed to assist Gas Station Owners and Gas Station Purchasers in the ability to Finance or Refinance their Gas Station Property. In today’s economic climate, combined with the complexity of a Gas Station Loan Transaction, it is very difficult for Gas Stations to achieve Financing. Many Factors play a part in this problem including Environmental Issues, the Low Margins often associated with Gasoline Sales, and the recent failure of many Gas Station type Loans. First Working Capital understands the complexity of these deals and can assist in the approval of these Business Loans.

Bad Credit Gas Station Loan

If you own a gas station and have bad personal credit, obtaining financing for your business can be even more challenging. Banks consider bad credit business loans extremely risky and combined with the environmental risk of gas stations, these traditional loans are almost impossible to obtain.

First Working Capital can assist in the approval of these types of loans because we look more to the cash flow of the Gas Station business than the personal credit of the Owner/Buyer.